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Candan Turkkan (2020). Wasteful or sensible? Donor imageries in İstanbul’s food banks. New Perspectives on Turkey, 62, 51-73. DOI: 10.1017/npt.2020.8

Candan Turkkan (2019) Clean foods, motherhood and alternative food networks in contemporary Istanbul, Gender, Place & Culture, 26:2, 181-202. DOI: 10.1080/0966369X.2018.1552562

Short Blurb on My Upcoming Book from Brill

Feeding the City: Political Economy of Urban Provisioning

In Feeding the City, I offer an account of how Istanbul, once the capital of the Ottoman Empire and now the financial heart of contemporary Turkey, has been provisioned since the early 19th century. Tracing how the sovereign’s duty to provision the city and to protect his subjects from hunger was gradually transferred to the market and became a responsibility of the subjects (later, citizens) alone, I argue that food politics, politics of urban provisioning in particular, should be at the front and center of the way we think our political communities and our relationship with the sovereign entities that govern our political community.