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Candan Turkkan (2019) Clean foods, motherhood and alternative food networks in contemporary Istanbul, Gender, Place & Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography, DOI: 10.1080/0966369X.2018.1552562

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Embodied, Rationed, Precarious: Conceptualizations of Sovereignty in Urban Food Regimes

My doctoral research analyzes the ways in which bodies and biological processes have become objects of intervention for the modern nation-state in the last ~250 years. Focusing on Ottoman and European state formation processes, the dissertation shows that the contemporary nation-state continues to exercise the archaic right of the sword (right to kill a la Foucault) via market mechanisms. Enforcing policies, mechanisms, relations that disseminates market-based precarity throughout the political community, the contemporary nation-state thus works to make certain populations live by redirecting its resources to them (friends a la Schmitt) or to make them die by directing its resources away from them (enemies). Urban food politics is the arena on which these politics of protection and exposition play out, making visible sovereign decisions of life and death. The dissertation thus contributes to the debates over sovereignty, free market economy and urban food politics in political theory, political economy and food studies fields.